What is an ICMC?Posted on October 2, 2012

If you are filing for divorce in Minnesota, you may participate in what’s called an Initial Case Management Conference (ICMC). The ICMC is the first initial meeting with a judge and it is usually scheduled within a month of filing your Minnesota dissolution or custody action.

The purpose of the ICMC is to:

  • Establish the Court’s control of the progress of the case
  • Provide early intervention by the Court
  • Offer Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) processes
  • Establish discovery limitations and deadlines
  • Discuss settlement progress and opportunities for settlement
  • Assign a date for the future conferences, if needed.

The ICMC is an informal conference. No testimony is taken, no arguments or motions are presented, and no decisions are made by the judge. Many judges don’t even wear their black robes and some will sit with the parties at the table rather than sitting on the bench. The goal is to leave the ICMC with a plan of action for the rest of the case. The judge will talk with you about what the issues are in disagreement and suggest various options to help resolve those disagreements.  At the ICMC you will be expected to choose an alternative dispute resolution (ADR) method that may help you resolve your case. Many times a Social Early Neutral Evaluation or a Financial Early Neutral Evaluation are recommended.

To prepare for the ICMC, parties are required to complete a ICMC Data Statement. This form needs to be submitted to the court prior to the ICMC date.

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