Limited Scope Representation

When you cannot afford to pay for an attorney to handle your entire case, limited-scope representation can be a great way for you to have legal help with your case while keeping costs down. Limited-scope representation is when you and an attorney agree that the attorney will handle some parts of your case and you will handle others. This is different from more traditional arrangements between attorneys and clients where as attorney is hired to provide legal services on all aspects of a case, from start to finish.

The attorneys at Robinson | Duffy, PLLC will work with you to create a limited-scope arrangement whereby you can get as much legal assistance as you feel is necessary to protect your rights, follow proper court procedures, and have the help of an attorney during the more complicated parts of your case.

Some examples of limited-scope arrangements include:

  • Hiring an attorney to handle the appearances in Court or in front of another governmental body
  • Hiring an attorney to draft motions or other agreements on your behalf
  • Hiring an attorney to prepare forms and other court documents
  • Hiring an attorney to attend mediation or other negotiation sessions with you
  • Hiring an attorney to represent you on certain issues in your case (like child support or custody) while you do the rest yourself
  • Hiring an attorney to coach and prepare you for how to represent yourself at court hearings
  • Hiring an attorney to assist you with more complicated aspects of your case, such as discovery and legal research while you do the simpler tasks yourself

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