Minnesota Third Party Custody

Grandparents and third parties can seek access, possession, or custody of a child in certain circumstances. The primary concern of Minnesota family courts is the protection and welfare of children. Minnesota Statutes 257C.03 governs the procedure for petitioning for child custody as an interested third party or de facto custodian. Whether a person requesting or petitioning the court for custody is classified as a third party custodian or a de facto custodian depends generally on the amount of time the child has been with the third party and the nature of their contacts.

De Facto Custodians

The Courts consider a person seeking custody to be a “de facto custodian” if the individual has been the primary caretaker for a child who has, within the 24 months immediately preceding the filing of the petition, resided with the individual without a parent present and with a lack of demonstrated consistent participation by a parent for a period of:

  • six months or more, which need not be consecutive, if the child is under three years of age; or
  • one year or more, which need not be consecutive, if the child is three years of age or older.

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Interested Third Parties

The Court will consider a person seeking custody to be an “interested third party” if the person (whether it be a grandparent, aunt, uncle, family member, or other person) can prove to the Court that the parent has abandoned, neglected, or otherwise exhibited disregard for the child’s well-being to the extent that the child will be harmed by living with the parent.

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