Grandparent Visitation Rights in Minnesota

Due to skyrocketing divorce rates and mixed families, many grandparents are left wondering if they have the right to ask the court for visitation rights with their grandchildren. In Minnesota, grandparents do have the right to ask for visitation rights under certain conditions.

At Robinson | Duffy, PLLC we help grandparents maintain relationships with their grandchildren. A grandparent can seek a court order granting the Grandparent reasonable visitation with their grandchild if:

  • visitation rights would be in the best interests of the child; and
  • such visitation would not interfere with the parent-child relationship

The court must consider the amount of personal contact between the parents or grandparents of the party and the child prior to the application. The grandparent has the burden to prove that the parent who wants to deny visitation is not acting in the best interest of the child and that visitation would, in fact, be in the best interest of the child.

Enforcement of Grandparent Visitation Rights

If you have been granted grandparent visitation by the court and the parent with legal custody or parental responsibilities is not complying with the court order, you may bring a motion to the court to have your visitation enforced. The court has broad powers to enforce visitation given the circumstances of your particular case. The court may order mediation or a full hearing and has the power to bring sanctions or even require jail time if the court order is not complied with.

Seeking Custody of a Grandchild

In Minnesota, Grandparents are allowed to seek custody of their grandchildren. Minnesota allows Grandparents to seek custody under the status of “de facto” custodian or as interested third-party. If you would like to know your rights regarding custody of your grandchildren, contact our attorneys today.

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