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If you are in a same-sex relationship or choose not to marry your partner for other reasons, it is important to plan for your future. Even if you have been together for many years, Minnesota does not recognize your relationship as a marriage. Because you are not married, you are not afforded the same legal protections that a married couple has when they divorce or if one spouse dies or becomes incapacitated. You can avoid many legal problems by putting your living arrangement agreement in writing.

The attorneys at Robinson | Duffy, PLLC assist clients who are coming together to form a domestic partnership, as well as clients who may be dissolving a long-term domestic partnership in which property rights and financial issues are involved. In the event that marriage becomes available to same sex partners in Minnesota, the domestic partnership agreement can operate in a manner similar to a prenuptial agreement or be revoked by mutual consent.

What is a Domestic Partnership Agreement?

A domestic partnership agreement is a document that protects the rights of life partners who are in a long term relationship but choose not to marry or cannot legally marry. It is a written contract that designates the rights, responsibilities, duties and intentions of couples that share income, expenses, property, and/or have joint children. These legal documents are contracts that set forth in legal terms the relationship between these partners. The following are a few of the issues that can be addressed through the use of a domestic partnership agreement:

  • Beneficiary Designations
  • Property Rights
  • Financial Agreements
  • Hospital Visitation Rights
  • Proof for Health Insurance Coverage
  • Assignments of Household Responsibilities
  • Partnership Asset/Debt Distribution
  • Pre-Partnership Agreements
  • Domestic Partnership Dissolutions

We can also assist with the drafting of customized legal documents such as a:

  • Power of Attorney
  • Title Deed
  • Living Will
  • Living Trust

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